AC replacement Ocala fl

Is Your AC Outdated? Upgrade It and Experience Comfort For Less!

Replace your inefficient AC in Ocala, FL

You’ve had to have your AC unit serviced at least four times this year, and you’re getting sick of the inconvenience. Stop putting up with an old, inefficient air conditioning system and have it replaced with a newer, more capable model. AHS, LLC of Ocala, FL installs new AC units in single-family homes, apartment complexes and townhomes. Just call to schedule an appointment, and we’ll offer a range of options for you to choose from.

Dial (352) 843-3468 to learn more about our change-out services.

3 signs it's time to install a new air conditioning unit

Tired of dealing with your old, worn-out air conditioner? You might be due for an upgrade. Here are a few indications that it's time for an AC change-out:

  1. It requires frequent repair
  2. It does not cool your home efficiently
  3. It is more than 15 years old

Consult with AHS, LLC about your air conditioning unit and we'll determine if it needs to be replaced.